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Auto Cleanplate for Nuke (update v1.1)

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | October 03, 2015- Comment(s): 2

Automatically clean foreground from background like the Mocha “Remove” tool.


Jupiter Ascending (2015)

| September 09, 2015- Comment(s): 0

I spent around 6 months working as a sequence lead on Jupiter Ascending whilst at One Of Us.


#deepdream video

BLOG | July 23, 2015- Comment(s): 0

Experiments running video through Google’s Inceptionism DeepDream engine


Rebuilding bad frames using OFlow

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | April 14, 2015- Comment(s): 1

Tool for fixing arbitrary ‘bad’ frames by rebuilding them using OFlow in Nuke.


VFX ScreenFiller

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | April 14, 2015- Comment(s): 1

I crashed together this little app that should cover most screen insert needs on set. Greenscreen and bluescreen with various tracking markers, a checkerboard, Macbeth chart and simulated website.