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The Last Kingdom 3 (2018)

PORTFOLIO | March 17, 2019- Comment(s): 0

After working as an artist on the first 2 series, BlueBolt asked me to step up to supervise series 3


Camino Santiago

BLOG | December 28, 2018- Comment(s): 0

In August I took 2 weeks off to walk 300km through Portugal and Spain.


Jamestown (2016)

PORTFOLIO | December 29, 2017- Comment(s): 0

A drama about English settlers in America in 1617, Carnival produced this 8 part series for Sky Atlantic. BlueBolt were the sole vendor for VFX and I had the pleasure of supervising the show.


Most Common Letter

BLOG | December 28, 2017- Comment(s): 0

The most common letter in the English language is “E”


Me Before You (2016)

PORTFOLIO | December 27, 2017- Comment(s): 0

My first VFX Supervisor job for BlueBolt – this romantic drama is based on the best selling book by Jojo Moyes.