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My debut Chessboxing bout

BLOG | October 16, 2013- Comment(s): 0

Not exactly work related, but… Last Saturday night I participated in my debut Chessboxing bout at the Scala nightclub, London.


Bot & Dolly: Box

BLOG | September 29, 2013- Comment(s): 0

Motion control rigs + projection mapping + 3D tracked graphics = mind blown!


“Under The Skin”, “The Zero Theorem” and year in summary

BLOG | September 07, 2013- Comment(s): 0

This week saw the premieres of two movies I’ve worked on in the last year, so I thought I’d post an update about these and some other recent projects.


Principle photography complete on “Superbob”

BLOG | August 10, 2013- Comment(s): 0

This British romantic comedy follows the story of a mild-mannered postman who gains superhuman capabilities after a radioactive meteor crashes into Peckham Rye.


Turkish Star Wars punishment review by A Damn Movie Podcast

BLOG | May 18, 2013- Comment(s): 1

The guys over at A Damn Movie Podcast have a section called “Punishment Review”. I got them to sit through Dünyayi kurtaran adam (aka Turkish Star Wars) and this is the result.