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The Empire Strikes Back Uncut finally released

BLOG | October 21, 2014- Comment(s): 0

The Directors cut of The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is finally out and I’m happy to see that my clip made the selection.

MyDarling_Finalism 2 (0-01-39-09)

My Darling

BLOG | July 15, 2014- Comment(s): 0

“A love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon”


Custom motion vector blur using trackers

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | July 06, 2014- Comment(s): 1

Using trackers to creating a motion vector pass, to add motion blur to stock footage.


Fractal Blur For Nuke (updated mod v1.6)

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | June 08, 2014- Comment(s): 4

Create more natural looking soft edge masks by applying fractal noise. Now wrapped up in a single, handy Nuke node.


Oracle Chessboxing Ball graphics

BLOG | June 08, 2014- Comment(s): 0

At this recent fundraising event I was commissioned to not only create a motion graphics pack for the evening, but also fight.