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Rebuilding bad frames using OFlow

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | April 14, 2015- Comment(s): 1

Tool for fixing arbitrary ‘bad’ frames by rebuilding them using OFlow in Nuke.


VFX ScreenFiller

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | April 14, 2015- Comment(s): 0

I crashed together this little app that should cover most screen insert needs on set. Greenscreen and bluescreen with various tracking markers, a checkerboard, Macbeth chart and simulated website.


‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ model shop photos

BLOG | April 13, 2015- Comment(s): 0

I came across this album of amazing photos from the model shop and had to post them here


Nerdeo – online collaboration platform

BLOG | February 16, 2015- Comment(s): 0

Nerdeo will allow connecting freelancers and top students with directors and producers, anywhere in the world, providing them with an online facility for more efficient remote collaboration.


Keyframe Reduction script for Nuke

TOOLS / TUTORIALS | February 02, 2015- Comment(s): 2

Python script that reduces the number of keyframes on a baked animation curve.