Nerdeo – online collaboration platform

February 16, 2015

My friend Caroline Pires is just in the process of launching, which is (to quote the blurb) …an online platform for professionals within the independent film, TV, commercial and Gaming industry. The service will allow connecting freelancers and top students with directors and producers, anywhere in the world, providing them with an online facility for more efficient remote collaboration.

I’ve worked with Caroline on many VFX jobs, the first of which was in the paint and roto department at Framestore back in 2008. It was whilst she was working there that she collaborated in the fan-made movie Hunt for Gollum. Realizing that there are many independent creative projects like this being organized over the internet with artists collaborating remotely, but a lack of solid tools designed specifically to help them, she saw an opportunity to build Nerdeo. There are several projects I’ve personally supervised where artists have been working remotely (including Tower Block, on which Caroline worked as a compositor), that would have benefited from this platform – I’ve made several attempts to hack something together on my own website that functioned as a sort of budget version of Shotgun, but it’s always fallen well short of what was needed.

I’ll be watching this launch with interest and wish it every success!

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