Fast X

December 19, 2023


The 10th instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise from director Louis Letterier.

BlueBolt worked on two sequences, with me as internal supervisor and Peter Chiang as overall VFX Supervisor.

The first sequence was the very opening of the movie, with the logo transitioning into the vault full of (partially CG) money. This continued with the raid on the police station, with some tricky stitch shots and finishing on the pull back to reveal Dante stood in the aftermath of the vault being stolen. This required a full CG car park environment complete with the trail of destruction.

The second sequence was “Shaw’s Lair” – with the gang being ambushed in a lock-up garage. The BlueBolt team provided set extensions, action enhancements and lots of CG smoke sims for the smoke grenades being released.

After lots of medieval TV shows, it was fun to be back on a big budget, contemporary action movie with insane amounts of VFX requirements.

Click on any of the pictures on the right to see our VFX breakdown reel of the work

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