Me Before You (2016)

December 27, 2017


My first VFX Supervisor job for BlueBolt – this romantic drama is based on the best selling book by Jojo Moyes.

The story of the movie takes place over a year, and the passing of the seasons are significant in echoing the development of the relationship between our lead characters.

We shot in the spring of 2015 at some beautiful locations that included Paris, Pembroke Castle and a mansion in Oxfordshire. The main VFX challenge was to make the limited range of weather we experienced during these 3 months seem like a whole years worth. This included adding or removing foliage from trees and digitally adding snow during the winter scenes.

The fictional town in which the story takes place also needed to feature a castle and mansion that shared the same grounds. As these two real shoot locations were actually 200 miles apart, we had to combine them with compositing.

In all our modest team delivered over 100 shots.

Tags: Compositing VFX Supervisor

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