The Orville 3 (2022)

November 11, 2022


In early 2022, BlueBolt were approached to work on season 3 of The Orville. I supervised the 70 shots from two sequences over episodes 7 and 8.
For episode 7 we augmented the offices of The Executive, which required tracking animated graphics onto transparent tablets and creating a futuristic cityscape view from his office windows. The Kaylon city was designed from concepts by Luke Bailey in the BlueBolt matte painting team, built in 3D and then reprojected by DMP to allow for camera repositions in comp. Comp also added additional details like flying cars along the elevated highways.
For episode 8, the characters of Kelly and Bortus travel to the surface of an alien planet, which was filmed in the rocky deserts around California. BlueBolt augmented this landscape with giant mountains to make it less earth-like, and created a vast chasm that the characters must jump.
It was great to work on sci-fi again, as I’ve been doing mostly historical work for the last few years.
Big thanks to the BlueBolt team of artists, especially Monica Verdu and Nadica Slatinec who were the sequence leads for the two episodes.

Tags: Compositing VFX Supervisor

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