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Peaky Blinders shot breakdown

BLOG | November 21, 2021- Comment(s): 0

The University of Bolton have done a detailed breakdown of my favourite Peaky Blinders shot.


Chessboxing Database and video banner

BLOG | July 01, 2021- Comment(s): 0

I’ve recently worked on a couple of side projects to help promote the sport of chessboxing.


“Host” – Interview with VFX Supervisor Steven Bray

BLOG | February 18, 2021- Comment(s): 0

I chat to VFX Supervisor Steven Bray about his work on the movie “Host”


The Spanish Princess 2

PORTFOLIO | February 10, 2021- Comment(s): 0

Some more regal VFX, this time fit for a Spanish Princess.


The Last Kingdom 4

PORTFOLIO | February 09, 2021- Comment(s): 0

The Last Kingdom has certainly grown in scope for this latest season.
The environments are larger and the battles are bigger and bloodier.