My book of crap graffiti gets published

June 04, 2012

I think many people dream of being a writer. For some it’s the novel they’ve had formulating in their head, for others a screenplay that they want to see made.
Well I can now tick the “published author” box on my bucket list, but it’s for work that’s not quite as high-brow as others aim.
Of the handful of websites that I maintain for my own amusement, one of the more popular and puerile is called “Crap Graffiti”. It’s essentially just photos of random angry swearing, incomprehensible nonsense and crudely drawn penises, daubed on public walls and toilet cubicles. It’s not big and certainly not celever, but it does occasionally make me (and others with an equally childish sense of humour) chuckle.
Well the good people at Ebury Publishing somehow share this sense of humour and thought it would a good idea to publish a book of the website. My buddy Adam Elliott took the best content of the site and worked his DTP magic on it, and the end result hits the shops in September 2012.

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