Turkish Star Wars punishment review by A Damn Movie Podcast

May 18, 2013

I just got back from a trip to Turkey and my only disappointment was not finding some of their incredible movies to watch on TV. A couple of decades ago Turkey went through a phase of remaking famous Hollywood movies. E.T., Spiderman, Star Trek, The Exorcist, Death Wish and many others were recreated for the local market with hilarious results. The grand-daddy of them all has to be Dünyayi kurtaran adam aka Turkish Star Wars, a spectacular mess of a movie.
Having sat through it many years ago I decided it was time to share the experience. The guys over at A Damn Movie Podcast have a section called “Punishment Review”. Basically they will watch and review a movie of your choice if you donate to the show, and they encourage it to be the worst movie you can find. Well I love their show and highly recommend it – it’s been on my playlist for a while and kept me entertained through countless hours at work. I got them to sit through Dünyayi kurtaran adam (literal translation – “The Man Who Saved The World”) and this is the result. I’ve cut some footage from the movie in with so you can all share the wonder of Turkish Star Wars!

Legal disclaimer: This is an entirely unofficial video made by me and not endorsed by A Damn Movie Podcast. I’m using the footage for the purpose of criticism and review. I’m not so worried about Cease and Desist notices from a Turkish film company that had the audacity to rip off the most profitable movie franchise of all time, but if Lucasfilm for some reason ever came across this blog then just ask and I’ll take it down – just please don’t sue me!

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There is an amazing ‘Inception’ M.C. Escher style legal quandary you raise here. You are posting a free review from a couple of dumbasses in their basement making fun of a 36 year old turkish film that rips off a hollywood blockbuster whose licensing was sold to an entity known for going after copyright infringement cases with a veracity of a timberwolf. So who is really at danger here? The fact is, Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam is a better usage of old Star Wars footage than anything that Lucas ever did with it. So un-private that thing so I can watch it, damn it!

Thanks again for the love,

Adam Sherlock

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