Dead Hungry (2009)

October 11, 2009


Life’s a bitch, then you die. Then you’re a zombie, and death’s a bitch too.

This short film was directed by Will Bridges and produced by Grain Media back in 2009. It was funded by the UK Film Council and Screen South, but was still made on a micro budget.
What’s not to love about working on a zombie film? The film required decapitations, popping eyeballs, limbs being chopped off and a handful of rig removals. We shot in the forest behind Pinewood Studios over 5 nights and I then spent my evenings digitally creating what we couldn’t achieve with SFX.
There was nothing “CG” as such – all the VFX work was just traditional 2D compositing of plates that we shot on set, with a lot of paint and roto work to blend everything together. Heaps of fun to work on, even with the lack of sleep.
Here you can see a behind the scenes video showing more details about the entire production.

Tags: Compositing

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