VFX ScreenFiller

April 14, 2015

Screen inserts are something that make up our day to day to work as VFX artists. Despite this, I’m often surprised at the lack of preparation on some film sets for this task. We just need to put greenscreen / bluescreen / tracking markers on the monitor – how hard could it be? Yet I’ve seen this improvised with bits of paper stuck to screens or tracking markers made from electrical tape.

So I crashed together this little app that should cover most needs on set. Greenscreen and bluescreen with various tracking markers, a checkerboard, Macbeth chart and simulated website. There’s even a video simulator that is designed to throw moving light onto a subjects face (when shooting a reverse of the computer user rather than the screen itself).

Download PC version here
Download Mac version here


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Hello, we develop a free IOS solution too. we can broadcast the signal with airplay.


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