A.D. The Bible Continues (2015)

October 27, 2015


Lola Post employed me to be on-set VFX supervisor for this 12-part TV series, made by Lightworkers Media and broadcast on NBC in America. I spent 4 months over 2014/ 2015 in Ouarzazate, Morocco, working daily on the giant Jerusalem sets that had been built in the desert mountains.

Duties involved designing and overseeing the shooting of VFX for 5 of the hour-long episodes. The VFX requirements ranged from standard fare such as set extensions and crowd duplication, to spectacular biblical moments including riots in the streets, rooftop chases, earthquakes, angels descending to earth, holy pentecostal fire flying through the streets and Jesus ascending to heaven.

I spent my time shooting plates, B-roll, extras on greenscreen and at one stage having to literally crucify men on top of a freezing hill to shoot elements. I also worked closely with the Directors to create rough versions of the VFX shots to be used in the offline edit, many of which were simply worked up into completed shots by Lola.

The environment provided challenges – many of the locations were in rough terrain with poisonous snakes, herds of animals (some being used to dress the set as well as those being shepherded through by nomadic Berbers), blistering heat, chilling winds and flash floods (we once had to evacuate the set after rivers burst their banks from the heaviest rainfall in decades).

It was a fantastic job in a rugged but stunning location and I had loads of fun working with a great cast and crew.

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