Dead Hungry – Behind the scenes

February 08, 2012

Back in 2009 when I worked on Dead Hungry, a crew from Al Jazeera were on hand to document the film making process. This behind the scenes piece was shown on The Fabulous Picture Show.

I appear as the “VFX Lead Artist”, demonstrating the work in Shake on the computer in my old bedroom (although why they chose to show a boring wire removal shot when I was also demonstrating lots of the cool decapitation shots I will never know). Because of the tiny budget of the film I was also helping out on set with many other tasks and you can spot me also dressed as a zombie, as well as running around using the dry ice sprayer.

Probably the most worrying thing about the experience was that when the crew saw me in full zombie make-up doing my undead walk, they all just simply commented that I have often looked worse after working an all-nighter in the edit suite.

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