FMX 2023 Presentation

April 23, 2023- Comment(s): 0

I’ll be contributing to the FMX 2023 Online presentations on April 28th


Oral History of Peaky Blinders

March 28, 2022- Comment(s): 0

Tom Nicholson has written a great history of the show Peaky Blinders for Esquire magazine.


Access VFX podcast

January 31, 2022- Comment(s): 0

I chatted with Simon Devereux at Access VFX for their latest podcast


Peaky Blinders shot breakdown

November 21, 2021- Comment(s): 0

The University of Bolton have done a detailed breakdown of my favourite Peaky Blinders shot.


Chessboxing Database and video banner

July 01, 2021- Comment(s): 0

I’ve recently worked on a couple of side projects to help promote the sport of chessboxing.


“Host” – Interview with VFX Supervisor Steven Bray

February 18, 2021- Comment(s): 0

I chat to VFX Supervisor Steven Bray about his work on the movie “Host”


The Last Kingdom Battle Week

June 28, 2020- Comment(s): 0

Behind the scenes of the battle for season 4 of The Last Kingdom


Post Perspective interview

March 06, 2020- Comment(s): 0

“If we have done our job well, the viewers should never notice the work and instead just be enjoying the storytelling.”


The Last Kingdom battle plans

February 16, 2020- Comment(s): 0

Preparing to shoot by creating battle plans for each setup


Climbing Kilimanjaro

February 16, 2020- Comment(s): 0

After delivering Season 4 of The Last Kingdom in January, I took two weeks off and climbed Kilimanjaro


Behind the scenes of The Last Kingdom and Jamestown

November 03, 2019- Comment(s): 0

DVD extras for Jamestown and The Last Kingdom


Jamestown showreel

July 07, 2019- Comment(s): 0

With the recent broadcast of the third series of Jamestown, I finally got round to getting a VFX breakdown edited.


Camino Santiago

December 28, 2018- Comment(s): 0

In August I took 2 weeks off to walk 300km through Portugal and Spain.


Most Common Letter

December 28, 2017- Comment(s): 0

The most common letter in the English language is “E”


Going Analogue – Interview with Ben Soundhog

January 29, 2017- Comment(s): 0

Last week Gallops dropped the music video for their new track “DarkJewel”. I reached out to the video’s creator, Ben Soundhog, to find out more about how he’d put it together.


Heroes Run 2016

May 20, 2016- Comment(s): 0

Team BlueBolt entered the 10km Heroes Run in Brighton on May 15th


Scripts of Another Dimension

May 17, 2016- Comment(s): 1

No-one is impressed by the size of your script


Foundry Session interview

April 17, 2016- Comment(s): 0

I was recently invited to talk at The Foundry about breaking into the VFX industry.


BAFTA nomination for The Last Kingdom

April 16, 2016- Comment(s): 0

Congratulations to BlueBolt for their award nomination


#deepdream video

July 23, 2015- Comment(s): 1

Experiments running video through Google’s Inceptionism DeepDream engine


‘Blade Runner: The Final Cut’ model shop photos

April 13, 2015- Comment(s): 0

I came across this album of amazing photos from the model shop and had to post them here


Nerdeo – online collaboration platform

February 16, 2015- Comment(s): 0

Nerdeo will allow connecting freelancers and top students with directors and producers, anywhere in the world, providing them with an online facility for more efficient remote collaboration.


SuperBob premiere at LOCO

January 25, 2015- Comment(s): 0

After a long, hard journey the premiere of SuperBob took place at the BFI Southbank last night. It was show as part of the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival, in which in won the Discovery Award.


A.D – trailer and first production stills relelased

November 27, 2014- Comment(s): 0

Details of the upcoming series A.D are now online, including a trailer and these great production stills by our on-set photographer Joe Alblas.


On set VFX supervising in Morocco

October 25, 2014- Comment(s): 0

I’m very pleased to be currently working out of Ouarzazate in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. Lola Post Production have me out here for 7 weeks providing VFX supervision for the TV series A.D.


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut finally released

October 21, 2014- Comment(s): 0

The Directors cut of The Empire Strikes Back Uncut is finally out and I’m happy to see that my clip made the selection.


My Darling

July 15, 2014- Comment(s): 0

“A love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon”


Oracle Chessboxing Ball graphics

June 08, 2014- Comment(s): 0

At this recent fundraising event I was commissioned to not only create a motion graphics pack for the evening, but also fight.


My debut Chessboxing bout

October 16, 2013- Comment(s): 0

Not exactly work related, but… Last Saturday night I participated in my debut Chessboxing bout at the Scala nightclub, London.


Bot & Dolly: Box

September 29, 2013- Comment(s): 0

Motion control rigs + projection mapping + 3D tracked graphics = mind blown!


“Under The Skin”, “The Zero Theorem” and year in summary

September 07, 2013- Comment(s): 0

This week saw the premieres of two movies I’ve worked on in the last year, so I thought I’d post an update about these and some other recent projects.


Principle photography complete on “Superbob”

August 10, 2013- Comment(s): 0

This British romantic comedy follows the story of a mild-mannered postman who gains superhuman capabilities after a radioactive meteor crashes into Peckham Rye.


Turkish Star Wars punishment review by A Damn Movie Podcast

May 18, 2013- Comment(s): 2

The guys over at A Damn Movie Podcast have a section called “Punishment Review”. I got them to sit through Dünyayi kurtaran adam (aka Turkish Star Wars) and this is the result.


Aruna Post Production

April 09, 2013- Comment(s): 0

I’ve recently teamed up with Editor and Colourist Peta Ridley to become Aruna Post Production.


Processing vs Star Wars Uncut

March 18, 2013- Comment(s): 0

30 days to learn Processing from scratch and create 6 shots for Star Wars Uncut


Hand painted Indian typography

December 24, 2012- Comment(s): 3

On my recent trip to India I ended up taking more photos of hand painted type than anything else. Street signs, vehicle livery, adverts, shop signage – it was everywhere.


Teaching compositing in India

December 19, 2012- Comment(s): 3

I’ve just completed 2 months work in Bangalore, training a group of compositors.
I last visited India 16 years ago and had been keen to get back… when the chance to work there came up I jumped at the opportunity.


Prometheus – MPC VFX breakdowns

October 25, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I spent the final week on Prometheus doing breakdowns for loads of shots. MPC just released their official reel of breakdowns here.


“Dubstep Dispute” – Interview with creator Jason Giles

September 13, 2012- Comment(s): 0

An exclusive chat with Jason Giles about his funky animated short, featuring robots and dubstep!


PROTO – Interview with Director / VFX artist Nick Pittom

July 31, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I’ve been following with interest the progress of a short film called “PROTO”. I caught up with Director / VFX artist Nick Pittom for an exclusive interview about the work that had gone into the project.


My book of crap graffiti gets published

June 04, 2012- Comment(s): 1

I think many people dream of being a writer. For some it’s the novel they’ve had formulating in their head, for others a screenplay that they want to see made. Well I can now tick the “published author” box on […]


“Dark Tide” behind the scenes at the Pinewood Underwater Stage

June 03, 2012- Comment(s): 1

Whilst working on Dark Tide last summer I had the opportunity to work on set at the famous U-stage at Pinewood (a vast 20m x 10m x 6m underwater tank that has been the stand-in for the ocean on many […]


Penny Art Auction

March 27, 2012- Comment(s): 0

My good friend Lucianna Whittaker is auctioning off a load of her paintings with a starting price of just 1p! There will be an exhibition in Brighon first, then they will go on sale in less than a month. Find […]


Retro Brochure collection

March 26, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I used to own a great collection of 1970’s brochures for cars, electrical goods and furniture. I scanned them all and put them on my old site – I’ve just realised that people still visit the site looking for this […]



March 17, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I’ve just completed 3 months work on Prometheus. That’s literally as much as I’m allowed to say about it though. Things are pretty tightly under wraps – I’ve never seen a movie have trailers for it’s trailers. Yes you read […]



March 16, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I find this pleasing on so many levels. Coding, motion graphics and analysis of movies.


Hugo Wins VFX Oscar

February 28, 2012- Comment(s): 0

It was pretty amazing to hear that Pixomondo won an Academy Award on the weekend for their work on “Hugo”. Even though I was just one part of a huge team, it was a thrill to see the guys who […]


Shit VFX Artists Say

February 09, 2012- Comment(s): 0

This is just painfully true – Im sure this is me on a day to day basis.


Dead Hungry – Behind the scenes

February 08, 2012- Comment(s): 0

Back in 2009 when I worked on Dead Hungry, a crew from Al Jazeera were on hand to document the film making process. This behind the scenes piece was shown on The Fabulous Picture Show.


The Counter-Culture Mixtape

February 07, 2012- Comment(s): 0

I recently visited the end of year show for the Fashion Photography students at the London College of Fashion. Amongst the displays was one by my awesome girlfriend Peta Ridley, titled “The Counter Culture Mixtape”.


Future Noir

February 07, 2012- Comment(s): 0

My buddy Mark Thomas just launched his new website “Future Noir”, a blog about art, science and technology. It also features some of his awesome photography.


Website reboot

February 06, 2012- Comment(s): 0

The website has finally had a much needed redesign. I realised that the static, individual case-study style portfolio I had before was too restrictive. I work on a diverse range of projects, a lot of which are feature films that […]