Chessboxing Database and video banner

July 01, 2021

I’ve recently worked on a couple of side projects to help promote the sport of chessboxing.

The first was creating a video banner for the newly launched Chessboxing Nation (formerly London Chessboxing) website. I created a minute long video loop that tried to capture the drama and entertainment of our rather niche sport. I haven’t done motion graphics work in a long time, so it was fun to get creative with that (I must admit to being heavily influenced by the Tropic Thunder title sequence).

The second was a website project that I’ve created entirely for myself as a fan – the Chessboxing Database. I realised that there wasn’t really any kind of official record for the results of fights and so wanted to create something akin to BoxRec. It has turned into a mammoth data mining exercise – scouring the internet for any information about events that go back as far as the first ever exhibition of chessboxing in 2003. I’ve so far focussed on events that happened in the UK and Germany, but intend to eventually cover India, Russia, Turkey and any other corner of the world where this sport takes place.

Click the image below to visit the website

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