SuperBob premiere at LOCO

January 25, 2015

After a long, hard journey the premiere of SuperBob took place at the BFI Southbank last night. It was show as part of the LOCO London Comedy Film Festival, in which in won the Discovery Award. I’d flown back from my current job in Morocco to be in the UK for 48 hours, pretty much solely to be at this screening.
It was fantastic to see the finished thing on the big screen, and also catch up with a lot of the cast and crew – many of whom I hadn’t seen since the shoot in July 2013.
There was a very funny Q&A with our superhero Brett Goldstein and director Jon Drever, who was kind enough to give me a big shout out for all my work the VFX. The movie looked great and still made me laugh after seeing many, many versions of the edit. The audience seemed to love it – best feedback was Ricky Gervais tweeting

Hopefully the next step is it getting major distribution and lots more people having the opportunity to see it.

Image credit: Jon Scott via Twiter

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