Principle photography complete on “Superbob”

August 10, 2013


Last week saw the wrap of an intense, month-long shoot for the movie “Superbob”. This British romantic comedy follows the story of a mild-mannered postman who gains superhuman capabilities after a radioactive meteor crashes into Peckham Rye. It stars Brett Goldstein, Catherine Tate, Natalia Tena, Laura Haddock and Ricky Grover.

I’ve been involved with the project as VFX Supervisor since the earliest drafts of the script and now have the fun task of over-seeing all of the digital effects. Although our hero’s super powers are not the main focus of the movie as with so many current Hollywood blockbusters, he still needs to display the classic abilities including flight, super strength, laser eyes and immunity to injury.

We’ve shot at some amazing locations, including the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire. This training centre has all manner of mocked-up up disaster scenarios to train emergency workers (burning buildings, a motorway pile-up, a crashed plane) and it allowed us to stage some epic rescue moments.


As we are still in post production I can’t reveal much more than that, but the BBC filmed a piece about the movie that can be seen here.

The movie is based on director Jon Drever’s original short film from 2010.

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