Hugo Wins VFX Oscar

February 28, 2012

It was pretty amazing to hear that Pixomondo won an Academy Award on the weekend for their work on “Hugo”. Even though I was just one part of a huge team, it was a thrill to see the guys who I had worked so closely with for the entire project up on stage thanking everyone for their hard work. The press statement from Pixomondo is below.

VFX Supervisor Ben Grossmann and Digital Effects Supervisor Alex Henning Take Home Oscar Gold for Outstanding VFX Work on Hugo

(Los Angeles, California–February 27, 2012) Pixomondo Visual Effects Supervisor Ben Grossmann and Pixomondo Digital Effects Supervisor Alex Henning – along with Hugo’s Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato and Special Effects Supervisor Joss Williams – earned the Best Visual Effects Oscar® for work on Martin Scorsese’s 3D epic adventure, Hugo, at the 84th Academy Awards held last night at the Hollywood & Highland Center®. The win marks Pixomondo’s first-ever Academy Award® and caps a wildly successful awards season for the magical film, which includes VFX recognition from the BAFTA® Awards, the VES (Visual Effects Society) Awards and the International Press Academy Satellite Awards.

“Hugo was truly a passion project for everyone involved,” said Pixomondo CEO and founder Thilo Kuther. “The dedication shown by Ben, Alex and the whole Pixomondo team in bringing this film to life is remarkable and they more than deserve every ounce of acknowledgement for all their hard work. We are grateful to have been a part of such an amazing film and congratulate Ben and Alex on a job well done.”

Independently produced by GK Films and distributed in the U.S. by Paramount Pictures, Hugo features over 800 stereo 3D VFX shots created by more than 400 artists at ten of Pixomondo’s eleven facilities across Germany, the US, Canada, China and the UK. A love letter to classic cinema and cinema history evoking the look of Paris re-imagined on a 1930’s film set, Hugo was shot in England and France with Grossmann and Henning integrated into the production on set. Pixomondo’s 24/7 global pipeline was instrumental in completing the project on time and budget.


Full press release at Creative Cow

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