Hercules (2014)

November 24, 2014


Neither The Erotic Adventures of Hercules* or The Ten Tasks of One-Armed, One-Legged Hercules** – instead this was Brett Ratner’s take on the classic Greek tale, and also my second movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
I worked at Cinesite on the Rhesus battle sequence – 180 shots that involved expanding the 100 extras with up to 10,000 additional CG soldiers and lots of environment work to create the forested mountain pass in which the battle takes place. Shots that I specifically worked on included the opening reveal – described in the Cinesite blog as:
“In one early shot, as the camera flies over the empty battlefield, we see Mount Asticus rearing up in the background, before a massive army of charging marauders emerge over the brow of the hill. Led by soldiers on horseback, the soldiers kick up layers of dust which rise up into the air. This challenging shot was entirely computer generated.”

The battle takes place in a mowed field, so fresh straw covered the entire area. My fractal blur tool, combined with an image to create the grassy texture became very useful for quickly helping to integrate dead bodies into the ground.

*”Hi – Im Troy McClure. You might remember me from such films as…”

**A show conceived by Charlie Brooker for his genius spoof TV listing website TV Go Home. The full list of the tasks are:

1) Opening a bag of Doritos while standing in a hammock.
2) Playing the saxophone solo from Baker Street while kicking a football up an escalator
3) Beating a gazelle unconscious
4) Teaching a deaf boy to dance the hokey-cokey
5) Changing a duvet cover in the back of a moving caravan.
6) Entering a playroom naked and preventing a child from crying
7) Constructing an Ikea Expedit shelving unit in a roomful of poisonous snakes
8) Crossing a rope-bridge wearing a big bowler hat made of lead
9) Knitting a jumper at gunpoint
10) Riding a micro-scooter into a pool hall and winning six games in a row

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