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Going Analogue – Interview with Ben Soundhog

BLOG | January 29, 2017- Comment(s): 0

Last week Gallops dropped the music video for their new track “DarkJewel”. I reached out to the video’s creator, Ben Soundhog, to find out more about how he’d put it together.


Peaky Blinders (2016)

PORTFOLIO | September 25, 2016- Comment(s): 1

Impossible smokestacks loom and belch, dizzying aqueducts sail the high, dark sky. It’s Fritz Lang’s Metropolis given a greasy coat of toxic tar


Heroes Run 2016

BLOG | May 20, 2016- Comment(s): 0

Team BlueBolt entered the 10km Heroes Run in Brighton on May 15th


Scripts of Another Dimension

BLOG | May 17, 2016- Comment(s): 1

No-one is impressed by the size of your script


Foundry Session interview

BLOG | April 17, 2016- Comment(s): 0

I was recently invited to talk at The Foundry about breaking into the VFX industry.