Cloud Atlas (2012)

May 13, 2013


Although I hadn’t previously heard of the book, I was very excited about working on a film by the Wachowskis.
One Of Us worked on several sequences from the futuristic story strand set on Hawaii, primarily the satellite control center that is operated by Halle Berry’s character Meronym.
We had to design the holographic interface that floats up from a glass table, all powered by the floating “Orison” communication device. Meronym interacts with the control using hand gestures.
There were some interesting challenges refining the look – the holographic disks had a glass-like appearance, with shafts of laser-like light beaming through them. The floating screens displayed futuristic graphics, but if viewed from reverse angles would become transparent and simply refract the background behind them. The glass table itself had a network of pulsing light that permeated through it’s surface.
Light reflection, refraction, lens artifacts, glows, energy beams and glass surfaces – all good compositing fun! It was also great working with a small, tight team and be involved with developing the whole sequence, rather than just random shots.

Tags: Compositing

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