Prometheus (2012)

January 12, 2013


I first heard about this movie whilst chatting to a sculptor at a house party late in 2011.He told me he had been helping to build sets at Pinewood Studios on a Ridley Scott Alien prequel.
Ridley Scott. Alien. Prequel.
I decided at the moment that this was the only film I wanted to work on in 2012, and I would try and make it happen no matter what. If it was going to be as seminal as the original Aliens films then I had to be part of that.
Fast forward a couple of months and I was starting work at MPC on was still being called “UAP” (Untitled Alien Prequel).
It was a crazy 4 month long gig that pushed me to produce the best work I’ve done. The level of detail required was incredible – Ridley personally storyboarded most VFX shots (sketches called “Ridleygrams”) and would not be happy until they exactly matched the very clear vision he had in his mind.
OK – so I think some of the criticism about the plot, dialogue, editing etc. in the final movie were frustrations that I shared, but the important thing was that visually it looked amazing.

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